TPN Nectar Backflow Cones


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These backflow cones are the same superior quality as TPN Nectar stick incense. Each cone is embossed, authenticating in Chinese: “TPN Tibetan Incense”.

The esteemed TPN Nectar was originally compounded by Sir Kenrab Norpu, famous astrologer and master of the Traditional Tibetan Medicine and the first president of Menzikhang (Lhasa Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital) in the mid 20th century. Based on the guidelines of Tibetan Traditional Medicine Theory, TPN is made of sandalwood, borneo and other precious herbs. It is made by Traditional Tibetan Medicine Pharmaeutical Factory. The process of this premium incense is strictly monitored and ingredient purity is exacting.

Approx.4.5cm high/base 1.5 cm | Approx. 25 cones per pkg.

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