Tibetan Long Stick Set

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Enjoy excellent Therapeutic Incense from Tibet’s most reputable and finest makers at 30% off. This great bundle includes:

Produced by the Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet College. Deep, rich and long-lasting, some prefer Holy Land Grade 2 to Holy Land. It’s a superior blend of more than 20 precious Himalayan ingredients. Not a vegetarian incense.
33cm x 3mm
36 sticks per pkg.

made by the Zambala Company in Tibet. The fragrance is pure Tibetan — musky, rich, intricate and mysterious.
The therapeutic formula for hand-made Khangdru Tibetan Incense is over 700 years old, originally developed by Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche). Made with over 30 precious ingredients, including sandalwood and saffron — with several of the ingredients requiring processing over 12 days.
approx. 31cm x 3.5mm
approx. 35 sticks per pkg.

Used to purify the air, promote interior balance of qi and clear the mind. It’s more pungent than Highland Incense and over 6.5cm longer. The formula is based on the instructions of the famous Tibetan Medical Professor Bandeng Jiacuo, an expert in traditional Tibetan medical theory. Like ‘Highland’ Incense, Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense is produced by Pharmaceutical Company Feng Ma Bao.
33.5cm x 4.5mm
approx. 50 sticks per pkg.

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  1. Logoryphic

    This is one of the best deals in Tibetan incense. All three are excellent.

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