Toshodai-ji Temple Incense

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Head of the Ritsu Sect of Japanese Buddhism, Toshodai-ji Temple was founded in 759 by Gangin Wajo, a high Buddhist priest of the Tang Dynasty.
This fine aloeswood incense is packaged in attractive woven rattan and protectively wrapped. Manufactured by the Temple. This is a very special incense and we were able to obtain a limited quantity. Only 1 per order.

Approx. 13.5cm x 1mm
Approx. 32g

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1 review for Toshodai-ji Temple Incense

  1. Vinh

    Now sold out, I was one of the lucky customers who bought this incense and am blown away by its wonderful scent. If you love the fragrance of agarwood, this would be/would have been, the one to buy. Hard to beat this! Excellent! The only thing that compares are some pure agarwood incense cones I bought in Vietnam.

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