Kōfuku-ji Nanendo Temple Incense

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Kōfuku-ji Temple was originally founded in the 7th c. in Nara.
Nanendo incense is a high-quality aloeswood blend and is made by Yamadamatsu exclusively for the Temple.

Approx. 13.5 x 1mm
Approx. 126g

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2 reviews for Kōfuku-ji Nanendo Temple Incense

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    I acquired these sticks when they were available. Now, recently I was gifted with a portion of Shoyeido´s Granulated Incense “Ranjya-koh”. To my nose, these two are very similar. Both display well-rounded sweet-ish notes of agarwood, expertly blended with just the right amount of spices and herbs, and the overall scent is delicious. It goes without saying that it makes a wonderful evening burn.

  2. Professor Stephen Jenkins

    This one of the most extraordinary incenses I have ever found. It is not surprising that it is made for the ancient Nara temple by Yamadamatsu, a centuries old maker next to the imperial palace in Kyoto, arguably the finest in Japan. Several Yamadamatsu incenses are similar. The recipe uses Chinese medicinal herbs and the main deity of the temple is the Medicine Buddha. This is not a pretty palace incense or one that highlights kyaras or spices, but an ancient recipe rooted in the idea that incense is medicinally purifying. A superb meditation incense from the great center of “Mind-only” Yogācāra tradition. A pity it is out of stock.

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