Kōfuku-ji Kunka Temple Incense

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This beautiful temple was originally founded in the 7th c. in Nara.
Kōfuku-ji Kunka incense is made by Yamadamatsu for Kōfuku-ji Temple and offers high-grade sandalwood as its main ingredient. The incense is gift-wrapped.

2 bundles approx. 13.5cm x 1mm
Approx. 127g

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1 review for Kōfuku-ji Kunka Temple Incense

  1. John

    With this incense I was expecting curry spices, bitter clove and spikenard which has been softened by sandalwood, the classic temple fragrance of Japan. Instead of sombre liturgy hitting your nostrils you get caressed by an olfactory ballerina, it is that graceful, refined and soft. The quality of the sandalwood brings to mind high rites of bathing and anointing ancient murtis in Indian temples. I’m talking real old growth Mysore, freshly pound into paste.

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