The Tara Collection


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This is a delightful selection of special blends dedicated to the goddess Tara of the 21 Aspects – the powerful and lovely Bodhisattva of Liberation.
Featured are full bundles of 4 excellent varieties.Enjoy great savings and full packages of 4 excellent varieties: Tara Puja Green, Tara Puja Yellow, Yellow Tara and Green Tara.


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Tara represents the essence of compassion and enlightened activity and is a central figure in Tibetan Buddhism. She originated from the tears of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. She is known as the “Mother of Liberation” and associated with swift and fearless activity, as well as the qualities of compassion and wisdom. Each of her many forms (each with its own unique attributes) represents a different aspect compassionate and enlightened activity.