Tara Puja Incense

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Tara Puja Incense has been made with red and white sandalwood, juniper, fragrant plants, camphor, the resin of the Sal tree, saffron, honey, sugar and molasses and milk, curd and butter. Tara Puja incense enhances meditation and concentration, “thereby purifying negatives. The incense has been hand manufactured with utmost care and in strict accordance with an age-old traditional method.”

The fragrant aroma is unmistakably Bhutanese, full, deep and rich with complex overtones. Tara Puja Incense may be enjoyed by both experienced users as well as those new to Bhutanese incense.

30 sticks per pkg.
Approx. 22cm x 5mm
Approx. 65g

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The literal translation of Tara Puja Bhutanese Incense is ‘offering to Tara’ – the Mother of Liberation in Tibetan Buddhism. To quote the package:
“This incense has been prepared purely on the basis of secret Tantric Text and according to formulation prescribed by successive Tantric Masters and has been particularly manufactured without the trace of defilement of meat, alcohol…”

2 reviews for Tara Puja Incense

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Such a fine incense at a great price!
    One of my all time favorite Bhutanese incense.
    This is not a complicated incense with layered
    scents, but has a really beautiful Spikenard scent
    that rides on top of a resin scent, that to my nose
    smells like Frankincense, but is probably Sal tree resin,
    as listed in the ingredients. The dairy ingredients poke
    thru from time to time, unique, and not unpleasant.
    This incense carries “blessings” more so than
    any other incense I’ve used, thus the name “Tara Puja Incense”.
    As a curious aside, the package says that the incense is made
    “… by a novice Lopen Tandin Dorji.” I think this is a literary device to convey humility, if not, I can’t wait to try their incense made by their incense “master”!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    One of my favorites. Luxuriously rich with just the right amount of a dairy sweetness that interlaces itself with sandal wood throughout the burn. It invites an exalted, wholesome goodness into my surroundings. Overall, a rich and lovely scent for everyday use or as an offering to the buddhas.

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