“Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk”

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“Specially Made” Incense is a superb Agarwood blend produced for His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgal Wangchuk, a Prince of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It features a special ingredient chosen by him and is also used by the Royal Family of the Kingdom. IMPORTANT NOTE: We examine each bundle and replace any damaged sticks and re-wrap using the traditional thread method. Each bundle is then bubble-wrapped and re-boxed. When removing the bundle from the box, take extreme care as the fit is very snug. “Specially Made” Incense is also available in Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection.

30 sticks per pkg.
29cm x 4mm
Approx. 99g

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“Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk” Incense is a premium blend, using agarwood and pure Bhutanese herbal ingredients. It offers a rich, deep and long-lasting fragrance. The aroma is earthy without being ‘heavy’, and is excellent for religious offerings, meditation practice and to relieve mental stress. As well, “Specially Made” is a fine air purifying agent. “Specially Made” Incense is hand-made in a small factory on the outskirts of Paro, Bhutan and is used by the Royal Family of Bhutan.

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Aquarial (Aquilaria malaccensis): Agarwood Gentiana crassoides: a medicinal herb Terminalia belirica: A deciduous tree from Southeast Asia Terminalia chebula: A deciduous tree native to Asia Juniperus recurra: a large evergreen with fragrant aroma Cupressus cashmeriana: a variety of cypress Cupressus corneynna: a variety of cypress

1 review for “Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk”

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas Schwarze

    A very interesting incense! It is powdery and smooth as velvet. The scent is balanced and rich, and reminded me of precious woods and suede leather. The agarwood is detectable, but it blends very nicely with the other ingredients, making the whole composition downright enjoyable. For me, it took two or three sticks of this incense before I realized how balanced the scent is, so you too might have a learning curve with this one. Get a sample with your order. I think this one belongs in every Incense collection. Highly recommended, especially to those who like Japanese incenses.

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