‘A’ Quality Bhutanese Incense

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This is a full, distinctively-toned incense with a rich and satisfying aroma. Handmade in the Buddhist traditional method. The incense is intended to evoke the blessings of all celestial beings and protectors of Dharma.

NOTE: the types ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ do not relate to ingredient quality. They’re solely names the maker has chosen to use.

25cm x 4mm | Approx. 20 sticks per pkg. | Approx. 50g

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2 reviews for ‘A’ Quality Bhutanese Incense

  1. John Paterno

    I found this site hoping to replenish some incense I bought in Bhutan [the kind they used in the temples for ‘daily use’ for lack of a better term], and this was exactly what I was looking for. In fact, I think the quality is even better than what I came home with! So happy to have found Incense-Traditions…

  2. Leslie Pless

    I bought a sample of this, and it is a favorite. Beautiful dense aroma with calming effect. Very good for meditation and clearing.

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