Nomadic Sang Incense Powder


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We’re fortunate to get this special incense from the high Himalayas of Bhutan.

From the package:
“Highland Nomads from the Bhutan Mountains chop and grind the mountain herbs, roots and tree barks to be produced into this exotic Sang mixture which is used as an offering to the Gods and local deities. In Bhutan the burning of Sang is a morning daily ritual in our homes and we in Bhutan use Sang while carrying out Rewo Sangchoe up in the High Mountains.

This packet contains powdered and manually chopped pieces of the natural ingredients.”

The sang burner (2nd photo) shows the incense in a typical Bhutanese burner. The sang is placed over an ash base to allow air circulation.

500 grams

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If you’re interested in the Buddhist ritual surrounding this “Mountain Smoke Offering”, see
and a recording of the ceremony at


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