Nado Cinnamon

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This is a delightful, premium, single-ingredient incense, made from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon through and through — and  its wonderfully complex and refreshing aroma offers many surprises. Sticks are fragile with medium smoke. Packed in a bamboo tube.

Approx 14 sticks | Approx 41.5cm x 4mm | Approx. 40g

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2 reviews for Nado Cinnamon

  1. Aleksey Dobryy

    Simple but very nice!

  2. juliacmilton

    Delicious woody-spicy-sweet aroma, surprisingly interesting for a single-ingredient incense. I love it year-round, but I’m especially looking forward to burning it over Christmas as a holiday-friendly incense that visitors might enjoy too.

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