Mensang Ja-tsa Gyed (stick)

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Offers a signature highly earthy aroma with grassy notes, somewhat more potent than the sang. This incense was made 8/2021 and should be used within one month of opening for best effect.

Certified by the Royal Govt. of Bhutan, and made by Himalayan Medicinal Incense for Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals (Dept. of Traditional Medicine Services, Ministry of Health, Royal Govt. of Bhutan). This incense contains a precious blend of 108 therapeutic and aromatic Himalayan plants and herbs. Formula and preparation are both attributed to Guru Rimpoche.  For offerings as well to aid in concentration and to cleanse one’s surroundings.

Traditional medicine was first introduced into Bhutan around the 17th century. Tibetans had always referred to Bhutan as Lhomenjong, or the valley of medicinal herbs because of its fertility, mountains, and varieties of medicinal plants that are found at different altitudes, ranging from 200 to 7800 meters above sea level. (courtesy Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals)

Approx 30 sticks  per pkg. | Approx 94g 22cm x 4mm

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2 reviews for Mensang Ja-tsa Gyed (stick)

  1. hiekkakaakku

    Got a sample stick. This one has an earthy, musky-dairy-animalistic tang that in fact reminds me of Tibetan incense. Definitely alluring but too much for a small room, which is why I’m unlikely to go for a full package. It’s a matter of taste and premises. This incense needs some space.

  2. seahorse

    This is an earthy, herbal incense that’s not too complicated. It settles down into a pleasant fragrance that holds together well, without any ingredient overpowering the others. I agree with reviewer hiekkakaakku that this blend smells Tibetan. While this incense is not one of my favorites, it is a good value for money, so after I ordered two samples, I bought a full package.

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