Lha Poi, Sacred Mountain Roots (25g)


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It was suggested we pound the root chunks to release the excellence of the exotic aroma. Even before burning, its fragrance was transporting — and when burned,  woody, spicy and floral-without-sweetness, complex and long-lasting. This is a rare and extraordinary sang, ideal for meditation.

Lha Poi (sacred Mountain Roots) is a high altitude organic root of a special herb in its natural form and scent. It is found at an altitude above 4480 meters in the high and treacherous mountains of Singye Dzong – The Lion Fortress in Eastern Bhutan. This is place where Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated. These roots are collected by the Monks and Nomadic Herders residing in these high mountains .

A Bhutanese source says…”this sang is very difficult to source and the collectors live at least 3 days walk from the nearest human settlement. The best scent will be produced if it is pounded/flattened a little before burning, so that it burns easily and releases all of its exotic fragrance.”

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