Lama Sangay Dorji Incense

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Lama Sangay Dorji incense is an intriguing incense, offering a pungent, deep aroma. It’s probably best suited for the more experienced incense user and/or someone who wants to try an incense with a most unique scent.
Ingredients are not listed. The incense is hand-made in a remote and mountainous part of Bhutan, 2-3 days from the capital, Thimphu.

approx. 21.8cm x 4mm
approx. 30 sticks per pkg.
approx. 74g

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4 reviews for Lama Sangay Dorji Incense

  1. Cynthia Pearson

    I really love this incense. It is so unique ! & I love the scent. Its hard to describe but it makes me think of pop rocks and champagne.

  2. Nicholas

    I love this aroma, it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Reminds me of travels to fragrant realms.. hard to describe. The smell imparts a familiar feeling.

  3. john

    Smells predominantly like incense filler. There may be aromatic matter in the sticks, but it is not the dominant smell. For example, Labrang Monastery Formula Incense Coils and Gang-zi Mani Nunnery Incense both have complex smells … Gang-zi is more approachable, while Labrang is more for people familiar with the broader range of aromatic substances, including the smells of herbal medicines. In any event, this incense is unpleasant (because of the strong odor of filler, which is a bit harsh). I threw out the last part of the second sample i burned. Get samples first!

  4. john

    Correction: binder, not filler.

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