Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense (35 sticks)

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Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense is a pungent, medium-strong incense with a rich, pleasant, deep and spicy fragrance. Perfect as a meditation aid.

This incense is also available in a package of 25 sticks.

Also enjoy it in the Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #1.

35 sticks per pkg.
26cm x 3.5mm
Approx. 74g

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Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense is made in strict accordance with Buddhist tradition. Kunkhyen Pema Karpo (1527-1592) was the fourth Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He was the most famous and learned of all the Gyalwang Drukpas. During his lifetime, he was known as the grand lama amongst all grand lamas, and was a teacher to many lamas and disciples all over Tibet. Many monasteries have been set up in his honour. The name Pema (or Padma) Karpo means ‘White Lotus’.

1 review for Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense (35 sticks)

  1. Thomas Schwarze (Berlin, Germany)

    This incense comes as a surprise…..very nice, it has a smooth and refined scent. It is a balanced composition with a scent profile that reminds me of sandalwood with a hint of saffron. It reminded me of the “Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk” incense, however, this one is definitely a lighter version. But the two share the soft velvety scent profile. Newbies will find this a good starting point for a journey into Bhutanese incenses. Instant likeability!

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