Sky Dancer Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder

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Introducing a very special incense whose ingredients are hand-picked and blended by the monks of Singye Dzong, one of the most holy and remote sites in eastern Bhutan. This monastery/fortress is located at 5000m in the Himalayas and was built over the spiritually-charged cave where Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated.

In Bhutan, Sky Dancer is highly-valued and used for offerings, rituals and purification and is not always available for export.

The sang burner (3rd photo) shows the incense in a typical Bhutanese burner. The sang is placed over an ash base to allow air circulation.

Hand-packed in Bhutanese lokta paper.
approx 250g

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1 review for Sky Dancer Premium Bhutanese Incense Powder

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    The cardboard container is exactly as on the images here, and inside you will find a zip-lock bag filled to the brim with finely chopped herbs and woods. The scent of the (raw) mix is accordingly that of freshly cut herbs, pine needles, and wood. There is a slightly musky note, and I have to admit that I have no idea where that comes from….
    I tried the incense on a hot coal, and I have to say: this is a very special incense…I wasn´t prepared for its scent!
    It is very strong and reminded me of burning pine wood and scorched pine needles, and cannabis – with some roasted cumin seeds thrown in for good measure.
    This incense is for advanced users, definitely. I would also strongly advise to burn this either in a location with good ventilation, or outside. IMHO, this incense belongs in the hands of an experienced shaman or priest, who will use it to purify a larger space in the open with great success, thus preparing the place for spiritual workings.
    If you get this, you are in for an authentic experience of Bhutanese Sang!

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