Chenden Mensang Incense Powder

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Choden Mensang (Special Happiness Incense Powder) is a premium, finely-ground, aromatic sang powder containing blended medicinal herbs and plants. It contains numerous ingredients used in offerings and purification ceremonies which include red and white sandalwood. Available in a lovely hand-made bag – makes an excellent gift.

approx. 250g

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1 review for Chenden Mensang Incense Powder

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    This sang is rather mild. The overall scent is slightly sweet and woody, and no single note stands out. It is a very nice sang which will help you prepare your meditation room. It is excellent for Offerings. After burning this sang you might feel elated and relaxed at the same time; and thus the name “Special Happiness Incense” is justified. It really helps create a balanced and peaceful atmosphere for your home and /or meditation place.

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