Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense


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Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense is very pleasing – mild and woody with subtle overtones. It is smoky when first lit, but settles down quickly.
Some ingredients include Juniperus Indica Bertol, Myristica fragans Hout, Syzygium aromaticum (L) Merrill et Perry, Ammomum sublatium Roxb (Black cardamom), Elettaria cardamomum Maiton(cardamom), Carthamus Tinctoriuos Linn.

approx. 23cm x 4+mm
approx. 30 sticks per pkg.
approx. 88g

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Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense is made in accordance to the process & formulation prescribed by Terton Choje Lingpa, a great treasurer revealer. According to the package, it is “compounded from high quality natural ingredients & auspicious propitious materials. Offering of this incense brings spontaneous blessings from Guru Rimpoche & his spiritual assembly of fabulous continents (NGA YAP LING).”


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