Gelephu Incense

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Gelephu incense is wonderfully complex. Slightly tangy, noticeably herbal and woody, it’s an excellent daily use incense and is hand-made, using age-old techniques. Major ingredients include juniper, rhododendron, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

37 sticks per pkg. | 23cm x 5mm | Approx. 100g

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2 reviews for Gelephu Incense

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    Very nice…a gentle, woody, powdery incense. I get notes of soft white sandalwood, a slight sweetness reminding me of Aquillaria Crassna (Thai agarwood), hints of spices, and spikenard. There is also a note that reminded me of beeswax. Very soothing and calming. Great for Mindful Awareness / Vipassana , or simple breathing meditation.

  2. cynthiahill7

    Woody and Wonderful ! I absolutely recommend this one.

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