Drichog Chotrin (Blue pkg)


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Drichog Chotrin (Blue Pkg) is allied to its cousins, Drichog Chotrin (Brown pkg) and Drichog Chotrin (Pink pkg). The aroma of the ‘blue’ is medium-strong, with woody tones and it is excellent for meditation and offerings.

Ingredients include Nutmeg, safflower, saffron, camphor, two species of santalum, commiphor and more than 100 medicinal herbs.

Drichog Chotrin (Blue pkg) has been manufactured in strict accordance with the formula of Sangay Lingpa, by Lhadon Pezokhang of Thimphu, Bhutan.

This incense is also available in the Bhutan Incense Premium Collection #2.

28 sticks per pkg.
21.5cm x 5mm
Approx. 78g

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