‘C’ Quality/ Guru Puja Bhutanese Incense

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The delightful aroma of C Quality/Guru Puja is unmistakable – full and rich, with no harshness. It’s ideal for those new to Bhutanese incense as well as the more experienced. No ingredients are listed.

This incense is also available in the Bhutan Incense Premium Collection #3.

‘C’ Quality/Guru Puja Bhutanese Incense is hand-made “with utmost care and strict accordance with an age old traditional method.”

20cm x 5mm
approx. 30 sticks per pkg.
approx. 65g

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1 review for ‘C’ Quality/ Guru Puja Bhutanese Incense

  1. Mosh

    This is one all-mighty distinctive Bhutanese incense.
    It has the usual Spikenard, and the sweetness is perfectly balanced with sourness of Juniper. This may be the perfect sweet and sour incense, it is rich and powerful, and hits all the spots for a great Bhutanese incense.

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