Sung Sung Quality

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A lovely, mild incense in the classic Bhutanese ‘purple’ tradition. Fresh and subtle with haunting sweet tones that make for an intriguing experience. Intended to appease the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who dwell in the Buddha Lands and to invoke the blessing of all celestial beings and protectors of Dharma. Hand-made according to the strict traditional method.

app. 30 sticks | app 80g


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1 review for Sung Sung Quality

  1. Karen Ryan

    Sung Sung Quality was a sample I selected with my last order. Fragrant sandalwood. If you enjoy the warm deep tones of sandalwood, this is the one you will want. There is a slight citrus high note that helps offset the intensity and will keep you searching for the familiar. Calming. Relaxing. Inhaling. Seems to focus awareness. Sandalwood. You lose yourself into it.

    The quality and intensity of sandalwood was beyond my expectations. The scent will stay in the room for some time. This is definitely for someone who enjoys sandalwood. You will not be disappointed.

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