Lama Sangay Dorji Incense

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Lama Sangay Dorji incense is an intriguing incense, offering a pungent, deep aroma. It’s probably best suited for the more experienced incense user and/or someone who wants to try an incense with a most unique scent.
Ingredients are not listed. The incense is hand-made in a remote and mountainous part of Bhutan, 2-3 days from the capital, Thimphu.

approx. 21.8cm x 4mm
approx. 30 sticks per pkg.
approx. 74g

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2 reviews for Lama Sangay Dorji Incense

  1. Cynthia Pearson

    I really love this incense. It is so unique ! & I love the scent. Its hard to describe but it makes me think of pop rocks and champagne.

  2. Nicholas

    I love this aroma, it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Reminds me of travels to fragrant realms.. hard to describe. The smell imparts a familiar feeling.

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