Kurjey Vegetarian Incense

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Kurjey Vegetarian Incense by Bhutan Jewel Incense is made from the purest of ingredients “…manually kneaded using the sacred spring water from Kurjey Drupchu, in Bumthang, eastern Bhutan. Kurjey is the temple where Guru Rimpoche subdued evil deities…”
‘Kur’ refers to the body (of Guru Rimpoche) and ‘jey’ to his body imprint on the wall of the cave in which he meditated. A complex fragrance which also offers delightful hints of spice.

18-19 sticks per pkg.
approx. 21.5cm x 6mm
approx. 86g

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2 reviews for Kurjey Vegetarian Incense

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    Wonderfully powdery! This incense really stands out among bhutanese incenses…not only because these are easily the thickest sticks I have ever bought (they are 6mm thick) but also scent-wise. The scent is wonderfully soft, sweet-ish, woody, powdery. It really creates a purified, calm and relaxed atmosphere which allows meditation to happen almost effortlessly. For lovers of Bhutanese incense this one is a must!

  2. cynthiahill7

    Love this incense, and the sticks really are very thick. Highly recommended!

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