GP Vegetarian Incense

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GP Vegetarian Incense by Bhutan Jewel Incense is a traditional, aromatic Bhutanese vegetarian incense. Excellent for meditation, offerings and daily use, it’s carefully handmade using red and white sandalwood and the finest local ingredients.
From the package: “in Bhutan we use this incense when offerings are made to appease Goddess Jetsun Dolma…” (also known as Goddess Tara).

approx. 20cm x 5mm
approx. 28 sticks per pkg.
approx. 73g

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2 reviews for GP Vegetarian Incense

  1. Vinh

    If you are worried about the use of deer musk, pangolin scales, sea shells, dairy products(ex. butter)…etc… this incense has none of that. What it does have instead is an abundance of wonderfully rich and soft dominant woody notes. If you like your funky herbs in the background, this one is for you. A light-to-medium fragrance that indeed starts off a little smokey, but quickly turns into a woody fragrance lover’s delight with an understated herbiness A personal favourite of mine. Try it!!

  2. cynthiahill7

    Another beautiful, sweet, woody, smooth Bhutanese Incense. I would definitely recommend.

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