Bhutan Collection #2


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The Bhutan Collection #2 is a selection of high quality incense from the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Legend says that in the 8th century, Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava, “The Lotus Born”) flew from Tibet to Bhutan on the back of a tigress he’d transformed, arriving on the spot that became Tiger’s Nest Monastery — some 500 ft. above the Paro Valley. Accomplishing many wonderful deeds and subduing vicious demons, he was primarily responsible for the spread of Buddhism in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Since that mystical time, the art of making of exceptional incense has become a Bhutanese tradition and Bhutanese incense possesses an intriguing character and scent uniquely its own. It is generally less pungent than Tibetan incense, but is equally satisfying. Since it’s not as familiar as the incense of Tibet, we’ve created The Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection as an introduction to these exceptional varieties.

The incense is hand-made in small craft factories. Ingredients are all-natural and can include sandalwoods, imported agarwood, barks, grasses, spices and medicinal herbs, as well as musk. Formulas and methods of manufacture have been set down by great Buddhist Teachers and are strictly adhered to.
The Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #2 contains 16 sticks (4 full-size sticks each of 4 different varieties) — so now it’s both easy and very economical to get fully acquainted with this great incense from the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

16 sticks per box
Approx. 86g

The Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #2:
(Each incense is also available as a full package)
‘A’ Quality (4 sticks)
‘B’ Quality (4 sticks)
‘C’ Quality (4 sticks)
Drichog Chotrin (4 sticks)

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