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We’ve deliberately limited our selection so you can be assured of both high quality and genuine sourcing. Our Bhutanese incense comes directly from Bhutan; Tibetan incense from Tibet. There are no fakes, “Tibetan Style” incense, or knock-offs packaged to look like authentic products.

From Bhutan, incense made with precious Himalayan ingredients:
The All Permeating Offering of Incense
‘A’ Quality Bhutanese Incense
‘B’ Quality Bhutanese Incense
‘C’ Quality Bhutanese Incense
Drichog Chotrin (Brown pkg)
Drichog Chotrin (Blue pkg)
Dri-Zhem Poi
Fruit & Herb Incense
Gelephu Incense by Kuengacholing Poezokhang
Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense
Kuenzang Jaju Incense
Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense
Lama Sangay Dorji Bhutanese Incense
Lhawang Driden Incense
The Lost Fragrance of the Mountain Gods
Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk
Tara Puja Incense

Enjoy different varieties in an economical sampler format!
Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #1
Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #2

From Japan, a pure and sophisticated scent from a tradition of excellence:
Kōjurin, a fine, everyday sandalwood. CLEARANCE SALE!

From Tibet, exceptional incense from Monasteries, therapeutic incense manufacturers and local villages. Bold, sophisticated, complex, subtle, refined — these words barely describe the character of this land’s exceptional incense. Featured are rare and prized ingredients carefully made in the time-honored manner — whose aromas are without parallel:

Tibetan Monastery Incense
Ba’er Qude Si Incense
Ba’er Qude Si Cone Incense
Baigu Monastery Incense Sticks
Dhe-Tsang Monastery Incense
Dhe-Tsang Sacred Mountains Incense
Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense
Drigung Fragrant Incense
Drogön Chögyal Phagpa Incense
Drogön Chögyal Phagpa Incense Powder *SOLD OUT*
Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense. SALE!
Dzogchen Lotus Ground Incense
Dzogchen Monastery Incense *SOLD OUT*
Dzongsar Be Dur Ya Incense
Dzongsar Offering Incense of Meditation
Dzongsar Relieving Incense
Dzongsar Sleeping Incense
Dzongsar Tibetan Incense. SALE!
Gadong Monastery Incense
Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery Incense
Gadong Monastery Grade 2 Incense
Ganden Monastery Incense
Gonggar Fragrant Incense
Katok Hidden Valley Incense
Katok Monastery Formula Incense
Labrang Monastery Tibetan Incense
Mindroling Monastery Cone Incense
Mindroling Monastery Grade 1 Incense
Mindroling Monastery Grade 2 Incense
Mindroling Monastery Grade 3 Incense
Mindroling Monastery Grade 4 Incense
Mindroling Monastery Grade 5 Incense
Nalendra Monastery Incense
Samye Monastery Incense
Sertar Monastery Incense
Songtsen Gampo Incense by Kajiaman Monastery
Songtsen Gampo Incense Coils
Tashilhunpo Monastery Grade A Incense
Tashilhunpo Monastery Grade B Incense
Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Brown’ Incense
Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Red’ Incense
Tsurpu Monastery Purification Cone Incense
Zashi Lhamo Temple Incense

Tibetan Therapeutic Incense
Five Fragrance Tibetan Incense
Five Fragrance Tibetan Incense Coils
Highland Incense. SALE!
Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense
Holy Land Incense. SALE!
Holy Land Grade 2
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #1 *SOLD OUT*
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #2
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #3
TPN Nectar. SALE!

Tibetan Relaxation Incense
An Shen Tranquility Incense
Long Du Relaxing Incense (Tin)
Soothing Incense by Mindroling Monastery
Zashi Lhamo Calming Incense

Tibetan Village Incense
Tunba (Tun-Da) Village Incense Collection
Tun-Da Village Master Incense

Discover these Tibetan Incense Special Collections — outstanding varieties in economical sampler formats!
The Dzongsar Incense Experience
The Dzongsar Incense Experience Sampler
Mindroling Legacy
Mindroling Monastery Collection
Ruyi Premium Incense Collection
The Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #1
The Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #2
The Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #3
The Tibetan Therapeutic Incense Collection