CLEARANCE SALE on Kōjurin, an excellent Japanese Sandalwood!

The "Preparation Book": time-honoured incense recipes for fine Japanese incense
The “Preparation Book” and production images of fine Japanese incense courtesy Kobori Butsugu

The appreciation of fine Japanese incense is called ‘kōdō — “The Way of Fragrance”. Incense of superior quality is appreciated in the same manner as fine tea in the renowned Tea Ceremony. ‘Kōdō’ also reflects the extraordinary dedication to perfection, quality and refinement that goes into the making of the excellent varieties of fine Japanese incense we offer.

Our manufacturer/supplier has been in business since 1800 supplying art, altars and incense in the Buddhist tradition. The company states that only aromatic tree and herb medicines are used — with the correct ratio of ingredients prescribed in a specialized “Preparation Book” containing recipes handed down over many generations. Today, these recipes are digitally-adjusted with exact attention to detail to guarantee excellence and consistency. After each batch has been prepared, it is precisely cut and dried according to a unique process. It is then carefully stored until the scent becomes stable — because premium incense requires a longer cure time.

Kōjurin, an excellent sandalwood