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Smokeless Sang in an electric heater • Bulk Sang in the Thimphu market • Sang in a traditional bowl

Newly popular in the West, sang (loose incense) is a traditional staple throughout Bhutan and Tibet and used for many of the same purposes as sticks, such as freshening and ritual.  Sang can be enjoyed equally in either traditional burners or smokeless electronic ones, which we prefer.

Some of these high-altitude rarities are collected by highlanders and nomads. Other varieties are gathered and processed by Monks and herders in a remote part of the Kingdom — near Singye Dzong, the sacred grounds where Guru Rimpoche meditated. 

We’ve chosen these varieties of sang for their excellence. If there are any other types of Bhutanese sang you’d like to purchase, please CONTACT US.

Chenden Mensang Incense Powder | 250g | 100g
Dreep Sang | 225g
Druk Dragon Mountain Sang | 250g
Jomolhari Mensang Incense Powder | 250g
Juniper and Rhododendron with Safflower & Pine by Nado | 150g
LUU (Naga) Sang | 100g
LUU (Naga) Sang Premium | 230g
Riwo Sangchoe (powder) | 230g
Sky Dancer Premium | 20g

Unsure which to choose? Try these excellent collections:

Mostly Juniper Collection: 25g of 4 varieties of pure junipers and mixtures with Rhododendron and Safflower & Pine
Ultimate Sang Collection: 20g each of 3 rare and precious varieties

The village of Laya in the remote Himalayas of Bhutan, a 3-day trek to the capital, Thimphu. Courtesy Bhutan Jewel Travel