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Smokeless Sang in an electric heater • Bulk Sang in the Thimphu market • Sang in a traditional bowl


Within the heart of Bhutanese incense are these medicinal and flowering plants, herbs, rizomes and roots that flourish at the higher altitudes of this pristine Himalayan country. Ingredients have been ground, powdered, blended, chopped (or not), according to traditional methods of collection and preparation. All are vegetarian aromatics intended for ceremony and ritual and as aids to concentration and relaxation. These aromatics are the purest of the pure.

Discover 100% juniper powders, loose incense, special and ceremonial herbals. Plus the incomparable, unprocessed Layap Sang, collected by highlanders living in the most remote settlement in Bhutan, and brought irregularly to Thimphu — plus 2 kinds of Lha Poi (Sacred Mountain Root). These fragrant roots are collected by Monks and herders in a remote part of Eastern Bhutan — in the sacred place where Guru Rimpoche meditated. Their scents are equally magical.

Excellent on their own or blended, many are ideal for the creation of personal incense. 

SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT & ETHICAL SOURCING: Our Bhutanese partner at Bhutan Jewel Incense has informed us:

“Bhutan is a paradise of exotic herbs and plants and these Sangs are harvested by the highlanders as their source of income. In Bhutan we preserve our lands and its flora and fauna knowing very well that we might be the last standing country which has some of the endangered plants and animals and birds like the “black necked cranes” and “white bellied heron” etc.
These herbs and plants are harvested in very small quantities so that the very source of growth and survival are not harmed and endangered.
We have our natural resources and forestry division who oversee such issues and if it’s not permitted then we cannot harvest at all. We can be imprisoned if we do anything against the law of our lands.
These exotic herbs are harvested by only a handful of people who live in the mountains and it’s their livelihood apart from their cattle. In fact in Bhutan, all is monitored and permitted so that the livelihood of these mountain nomads are sustained. Not all are allowed to go into these regions and harvest.
If not permitted it will not even pass the postal counter as all are checked before shipping.
Bhutan has protected itself from modernity to look after after our pristine environment that nature has given us bountifully, which most have lost in their race for modernity and development. We will continue to love and take care of our country and always work in sync with Mother Nature for she is all that we can boast of.”

Chenden Mensang Incense Powder | 250g
Dreep Sang | 250g | 100g
Druk Dragon Mountain Sang | 250g
Jigme Lang Tsho Sang | 50g
Jomolhari Mensang Incense Powder | 250g | 100g
Juniper and Rhododendron Sang (by Nado) | 150g | 50g
Juniper Powder Blonde | 100g
Juniper Powder Dark | 100g | 500g
Juniper Powder Leaves and Berries | 100g
Layap Sang | 50g
Lha Poi (Sacred Mountain Roots) | 50g
Lha Poi (Sacred Mountain Roots) ground | 250g | 100g
LUU (Naga) Sang | 100g
LUU (Naga) Sang Premium | 230g
Nomadic Sang | 100g
Riwo Sangchoe (ground) | 100g
Riwo Sangchoe (powder) | 230g

Discover your favourites in these excellent collections:

Mostly Juniper Collection: 25g of 4 varieties of pure junipers and mixtures with Rhododendron and Safflower & Pine
Premium Sang Collection: 20g each of 5 excellent medicinal and ritual varieties for daily use
Ultimate Sang Collection: 20g each of 3 rare and precious varieties

The village of Laya. Discover wonderful sang collected by villagers from one of the highest settlements in Bhutan. Courtesy Bhutan Jewel Travel