Sang, Incense Powders & Superior Blends

Bulk sang in the Thimphu market  |  The intense aroma of sang being released…


At the heart of Bhutanese incense are these medicinal and flowering plants, herbs and roots that flourish at the higher altitudes of the pristine Himalayas. Ingredients have been ground, chopped and refined (or not) according to traditional teachings and formulas. All are vegetarian aromatics and intended for ceremony and ritual, as well as general daily cleansings and freshening.

Discover 100% pure juniper powder  — an excellent base for the creation of personal incense, special powders like Jomolhari  — plus the incomparable, unprocessed Layap Sang, collected by villagers of the most remote settlement in Bhutan, and brought irregularly to Thimphu — and Lha Poi (Sacred Mountain Roots), fragrant roots, specially collected by Monks and herders in a remote part of Eastern Bhutan, the sacred place where Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated. These two come under the ‘expensive and worth it’ category of things.

Some have been re-packaged in smaller amounts for easy tryouts and are available as FREE SAMPLES with any incense purchase.

Premium Sang Collection: 5 different varieties of precious Himalayan plants, roots and herbs.

Ultimate Sang Collection: featuring 3 rare varieties of remarkable sang from the remote highlands and sacred areas.

Chenden Mensang Incense Powder (250g)

Dreep Sang | 250g | 50g

Jomolhari Mensang Incense Powder | 250g | 50g

Layap Sang 25g | 50g

Lha Poi (Sacred Mountain Roots) | 25g | 50g

LUU Naga Sang |  250g | 50g

Nomadic Sang | 100g | 50g

Pure Himalayan Juniper Powder (blonde) | 100g

Riwo Sangchoe Sang | 250g | 50g

Sangchen Natshok | 225g  | 50g

Sky Dancer Premium | 250g | 50g | 25g

Trashi Reckong | 250g | 50g

The village of Laya. Discover wonderful incense from one of the highest settlements in Bhutan.