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Smokeless Sang in an electric heater • Bulk Sang in the Thimphu market • Sang in a traditional bowl

Newly popular in the West, sang (loose incense) is a traditional staple throughout Bhutan and Tibet and used for many of the same purposes as stick incense. The difference is that it’s binder-free and can be more economical. It can be enjoyed equally in either a traditional burner (right) or the newer smokeless electronic one (left) – the kind we prefer.

Some of these are high-altitude rarities, collected by highlanders and nomads. Other varieties are gathered and processed by Monks and herders in a very remote part of the Kingdom — near Singye Dzong, the sacred grounds where Guru Rimpoche meditated. 

We’ve chosen these varieties of sang for their excellence.  This list may alter without notice.

Chenden Mensang Incense Powder | 250g | 100g
Dreep Sang | 225g
Druk Dragon Mountain Sang | 250g
Jomolhari Mensang Incense Powder | 250g
Juniper and Rhododendron with Safflower & Pine by Nado | 150g
LUU (Naga) Sang Premium | 230g
Riwo Sangchoe (powder) | 230g

The village of Laya in the remote Himalayas of Bhutan, a 3-day trek to the capital, Thimphu. Courtesy Bhutan Jewel Travel