Special Collections from Bhutan

Explore a superb variety of highly distinctive incense. From a lovely collection dedicated to the Goddess Tara to collections featuring a variety of deep and pungent purples, spicy jajus and riwo sangchoe ritual incense… even pure cinnamon. Within these economical samplers lie great discoveries – without commitment to a full bundle of the unknown. Contents vary from time to time.

Lhawang Driden (4 sticks)
Medicine Buddha (4 sticks)
Na Gi Ma Bjor (4 sticks)
Sung Sung Quality (4 sticks)
Zhi-ney Poi(4 sticks)

THE NADO COLLECTION (20 sticks total)
Nado Cinnamon (4 sticks)
A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe Morning (4 sticks)
A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe and Surzey Evening (4 sticks)
Nado Happiness (4 sticks)
Nado Poi (Jaju) (4 sticks)

TARA  COLLECTION dedicated to goddess Tara of the 21 aspects (20 sticks total)
Green Tara (4 sticks)
Tara Puja Green (4 sticks)
Tara Puja Yellow (4sticks)
Yellow Tara (4 sticks)

VEGETARIAN  COLLECTION (20 sticks total)
Flower  (B Quality) Bhutanese Incense (4 sticks)
Jaaju Poe Bhutanese Incense (4 sticks)
Kaar Sur Poe Bhutanese Incense (4sticks)
Drigung Long Tibetan Incense (4 sticks)
Tsurpu Vegetarian Long Tibetan Incense (4 sticks)

To Bhutanese Traditional Incense
To Bhutanese Incense Powders & Blends

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