Samye Monastery Incense


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Samye Monastery incense is said to be made from a secret recipe of Padmasambhava. Precious ingredients consist of over 30 different kinds of valuable Tibetan medical herbs and spices. The incense is considered an ideal offering to the Triple Jewels and all guardian deities. It is said that it clears negative elements, purifies the air and benefits the mind and is perfect for meditation practice.

Please note that this incense is extremely fragile. (See attached photo of original contents).

This is very fine incense, highly nuanced, with a delightful and distinctive ‘Tibetan’ aroma. Samye Monastery Incense is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection#1.

32 sticks per pkg.
24cm x 3mm
Approx. 84g

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Samye Monastery Incense is a product of the first Buddhist monastery built in Tibet. According to tradition, the Indian monk Śāntarakṣita made the first attempt to construct the Samye Monastery. Finding the site auspicious, he set about to build a structure there. However, the building always collapsed after reaching a certain stage. Terrified, the construction workers believed that there was a demon in a nearby river making trouble. When Padmasambhava arrived from northern India, he subdued the problems obstructing the building. Today, it is again an active monastery and important pilgrimage and tourist destination.


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