Kuenzang Jaju Incense

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This is another classic jaaju. Spicy and complex, it’s made in small batches and is often unavailable.
The ingredient list is not shown. Kuenzang Jaju Incense is also available in Bhutanese Incense Premium Collection #1.

38 sticks per pkg.
27cm x 4mm
Approx. 86g

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1 review for Kuenzang Jaju Incense

  1. Mosh

    This is a distinctive Bhutanese incense (they can all smell very similar; of Spikenard),
    which has the ubiquitous Nard scent, and accentuated by a pleasing fruity scent.
    In the same style as “Fruit & Herb Incense” but not as refined as that incense, however much better value (weight per $). This is a good incense to start with this style, before moving on to Fruit & Herb incense.

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